20 Amazing Parent Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

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I just love researching parent hacks. It never ceases to amaze me just how clever parents can be when trying to make life easier, safer, cleaner, or to keep their kids busy so they can have a much needed minute to themselves whether to perform some household chores or just have some peace and quiet. Listed below I have found some of the best parenting hacks I have come across in quite some time. Enjoy!


1. Place tape over the speakers on your kids’ toys to lower the volume.

Via mommingonpurpose.
Via mommingonpurpose.

2. Store Play-Doh in a carousel for K-Cups — it makes it easy for your kids to find the color they want and looks cool.

Find this organizational hack and others at What's Up Moms.
Find this organizational hack and others at What’s Up Moms.

3. Put a cupcake liner under a popsicle to keep it from melting all over your kid’s hand.

bargainmaxuk / Via instagram.com

4. Have a kid who constantly pulls off their diaper (or strips naked)? Try putting their onesie on backward.

Via Greta Cheney.
Via Greta Cheney.

5. Stop your kid from turning the lights off and on (and off again) with a piece of plastic from a milk jug.

Via Parent Hacks.
Via Parent Hacks.

6. Make storing and organizing Lego bricks a snap using a shoe storage bag.

Via Kids Activities Blog.
Via Kids Activities Blog.

7. Cut a sticker down the middle, then put one half inside each of your kid’s shoes. This way they’ll always know which shoe goes on which foot.Via One Creative Housewife.
Via One Creative Housewife.

8. Wash baby socks together in a laundry bag so you never lose another one again.

Where do all of those socks disappear to? Via momhacks4everyday.
Where do all of those socks disappear to? Via momhacks4everyday.

9. If your kid is afraid of monsters at night, make some “monster spray” to spray in their room before bed.

The spray is really just inexpensive lavender body spray, but it will put your kid’s mind at ease — and make the room smell good!
The spray is really just inexpensive lavender body spray, but it will put your kid’s mind at ease — and make the room smell good! Spohr/BuzzFeed / Via Flickr: plasticcandy

10. Stop a public toilet from suddenly flushing and scaring your kid by putting toilet paper over the sensor.

Via the book Parent Hacks: 134 Genius Shortcuts for Life With Kids.
Via the book Parent Hacks: 134 Genius Shortcuts for Life With Kids.

11. A frozen sponge in a ziplock bag makes a super-affordable ice pack you won’t mind your kid losing.

Via 1crazyhousetips.

Via 1crazyhousetips.

12. Put plastic wrap over the top of a cup to seriously cut down on spills.

When there are no sippy cups around, this will do.
When there are no sippy cups around, this will do.

13. An Altoids container is the perfect way to store crayons in your purse.
Via Naturally Blessed Mama.
Via Naturally Blessed Mama.

14. To detangle doll hair, fill a small spray bottle with fabric softener and water.


15. Turn an old lotion bottle into a faucet extender so your kid can reach the water.


16. Tape is great for picking up sparkles, glitter, and other teeny-tiny things your kid spills.

Via 7starcleaning.

Via 7starcleaning


17. Keep your kid busy by letting them draw on — and in — a cardboard box.


18. Use an empty wipes container to store travel snacks for your kid.

It’s the ideal size for a kid's hands — and you can even keep food cold by putting a reusable ice pack at the bottom. Via practicalparentingideas.
It’s the ideal size for a kid’s hands — and you can even keep food cold by putting a reusable ice pack at the bottom. Via practicalparentingideas.

19. Use a crib sheet to protect an outdoor baby from bug bites and too much sun.

Via Little Baby Watson.
Via Little Baby Watson.

20. Dollar Store shower caddies make perfect snack baskets for kids on movie night.

Via neniandme.
Via neniandme.

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