How To Create A Killer Blog Media Kit

Create a media kit, work with brands, and make money blogging. 

Hi there new friend! Do you have a media kit for your blog yet? When it comes to monetizing your blog and working with brands for paid sponsorships, it’s crucial to have a well put together impressive media kit. You never get a second chance at first impressions so make it shine! 

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How To Create A Killer About Me Page

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It’s a fact that 90% of your blog’s visitors will visit your about me page when they stumble across your blog.

Learning how to write your about me page is absolutely one of the most important things you will do when it comes to the success or failure of your blog.

Two things can happen when someone reads your about me page:

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1) They don’t feel a connection with you and you leave them feeling empty causing them to leave your blog.


2) There’s a vibration in the force (okay I’m being a little silly here but really…) and they feel drawn to you which in turn causes them to spend more time reading your blog spending time getting to know you which in turn ends up being the start of something beautiful- the coveted relationship we’re all looking for where they become loyal fan and eventually return customer.

I’ve spent hours upon hours on my about me pages and I promise you it won’t be the last revision I do.

I have a couple of ideas I’d like to share with you that I’ve garnered along the way.

At first I think I didn’t put much care into my about me page not because I didn’t care but because I thought it was all about content that people remembered.

When I look back on my first about me pages I’m in shock.

One thing that was for sure- I was really missing out on the opportunity for my audience to get to know me and not only feel a connection with me but to remember me. I didn’t give them a reason to remember me from all the other bloggers out there saying the same thing.

Here’s how to write the perfect about me page.

You must grab the reader’s attention.

You must be likable.

You must be believable.

You must immediately provide your target audience with the value that you hold and what it is you can do for them.

If at this moment you are feeling unsure of how you can accomplish all this at once culminating in the perfect about me page, have no fear for I will hold your hand and walk you through all the necessary steps to get you there.

In the following few lines, I will analyze what it is that goes into the perfect about me page.

First, you have the blog headline which has to attract your target audience. (Definition of target audience: a Particular group of people, identified as the intended recipient of an advertisement or message. Also called the target population.) It has to be irresistible to your intended audience.

Underneath that, we have your first paragraph which lets your audience know who you are serving.

Besides that, we have your image which connects your post to them on the level you are trying to relate to them.

Next, you introduce yourself and your business stating what it is you do and what you have to offer them.

Here we should include another image because the more the more memorable. You can never have too many pictures. We are visual beings.

Right below that is where you should get to the meat of your story. This is where you establish yourself as an expert (a credible story) with examples and personality. Get personal. Let them know you are human. Be personable.

Right after you’ve closed your story, you have your call to action- bottom line you want them to subscribe to your email list.

Analysis Of An About Me Page

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Right This Way To Running A Profitable Blog

1. Irresistible Magnetic Headline

This is where you get your chance to make a lasting first impression. Therefore you absolutely must grab the reader’s attention right away and direct them to read the first paragraph.

If you only have a few seconds with your future subscriber and buyer before they disappear forever from your blog, what would be the one thing you can throw out there to make that reader want to stay reading your blog at length?

It most likely will not be, “Hi, I’m Kelli!”

This is where you want to make the headline of your about me page grab your readers attention and make them want to know more.

Capture your reader’s interest and curiosity.

For example, you might want to share some instructional posts like:

The Essential Guide To ____________

The Practical Guide To ____________

The Ultimate Guide To _____________

The Complete Guide To _____________

The Step By Step Guide To ____________


How about relating to the reader:

Like _______ Then You’ll love ___________

Why It’s Absolutely Okay To __________________

If You Can _______ Then You Can _________


Some smart and savy ones:

Clever Tools To __________

No Nonsense____________

The Go Getter’s Guide To ______________

Smart Strategies To _________________


The quick and easy fix:

How To ___________ In (# Of) Minutes

How To Quickly ___________

How To ________ in (#) Steps

Okay so you probably get what it is I’m sharing here by now or at least I’m hoping you do-

2. Your target reader in your about me page- believe it or not, they’re human. This is too often forgotten by bloggers, creatives, and online entrepreneurs. I think it’s way too easy to focus on just the numbers- page views, subscribers, followers, buyers, etc.

Since this person is human- it’s a must that you connect with them by being personable and winning them over with your personality. By this I mean you should share who you are, what you like and perhaps don’t like, be personal maybe a little vulnerable so that it resonates with them.

You’re looking to relate to your target audience- have similar beliefs and interests.

I think a great blogger will not only know their target audience but talk to them like a friend.

For example, my target audience is the new aspiring or just blossoming mom blogger wanting to learn how to set up their blog, how to blog, and how to monetize their blog all while enjoying the everyday joys in the art of blogging.

In addition to knowing who this is, it is an awesome treat for your reader if you share who you are.

Share your beliefs, maybe your family, your interests, lots of pictures, etc.

3. What’s In It For Them? The reader should know without a doubt whatever the purpose of your blog is whether it is to solve a problem, or to entertain, to inform, etc.

This is where you find your tribe.

What’s in it for me? 

This question in your reader’s mind has to be answered.

I just read a great blog with an awesome explanation of this. They sum it up as this:

Example: I call them out directly on my about page

Here’s how I kick off my about page:

You’re at the right place if you face these problem(s):

  • You have a big dream to build a blog biz, but no concrete results to show for it
  • You are afraid of falling for false promises and fluff in an industry of marketers who do not provide value
  • You are tired of “investing” in courses that do not really work
  • You are lost and don’t know how to start or continue
  • A simple task of creating an online blog business has been made real complicated

Simple, straightforward and to the point. I make it clear who my blog is for.

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4. Here’s where you get to show off your credibility- the goal being that you build rapport with your target audience and leave them believing that you hold the solution to their problem.

One can establish credibility in many different ways:

  • Your academic background
  • Your corporate background
  • Your own personal experiences
  • Success with past customers
  • Social proof: Talk about how big your community is
  • Features in large news sites like Forbes/ Huffpost etc.

This is where I like to share with my new friends that I have spent the last decade designing and building numerous personal and professional blogs and websites for individuals and businesses as well as successfully blogging, monetizing blogs, and mentoring new mommy bloggers, creatives, and entrepreneurial women. 

I like to share that I have created my latest blog, Her Blogging Biz, recently as a new business just for the sole purpose of experiencing what it is my clients are going through as they begin the process anew. I want my new blog to focus all my energy in this direction and only this direction not wanting to waste my energies blogging about so many different things at once. 

These facts support my credibility with my target audience.

5)  Converting Your Target Audience Into Subscribers

Okay they’ve connected to you. They believe that you are the one for them when it comes to solving their problems and that your blog is worth reading.

Throw them a rope pulling them back to your blog.

Welcome them into your community.

Do this throughout your about me page.

Your main goal is to get them to be part of your tribe.

Let’s talk about this thing called list building.

Getting on your email list is powerful, because you can email other stuff from your blog to entice them to come back in the future. People are busy and will need some prompting to return.

You’ve given it your all to rope them in making the first connection. Now you have to make sure they come back to your site.

I ask people twice in my about me page to come back and see me by placing two subscribe to me embedded email capture forms.

One of my favorite bloggers said something I find rather profound in this blogging life of ours- when it comes to designing your blog and writing your posts and all she basically says anything goes-  “Go for it. Don’t be shy about it. It’s your blog, your house; you call the shots!”

She sums her approach up as the following:

  • No fluff, no bull shit, and most certainly no overly indulgent promises of the “laptop lifestyle” without providing any value. Here’s actual value that actually teaches her HOW.
  • Simple, idiot-proof digital marketing tutorials that come in both written or video form
  • 100% actionable
  • Value-packed tips that will accelerate your business like gangbusters
  • 24/7 free Facebook mastermind group that answers all your burning blog biz questions.

… So you may wanna stick around. The best way to ensure you receive value would be to sign up for my email list. I send regular tips and updates about my latest trainings. 

I just love the attitude here because I think way too many of us aren’t assertive enough about what we want or even what it is we’re selling which in this case is us!

In Summary

  • It is a simple enough task putting together a winning about me page. It’s just a matter of:
  • Composing a magnetic headline attracting the reader.
  • Identify your target audience and what it is you can do for them extremely clear.
  • Share yourself. Be personable and a little bit vulnerable.
  • Don’t forget the images of yourself to connect with your reader and make yourself more memorable.
  • Provide your credentials- your credibility and believability. Include a personal story.
  • Ask your reader to subscribe giving them a pathway back to you.

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Until next time! Take care!



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How To Create A Blog Media Kit

I get asked a lot of questions about media kits and how to use them if you are wanting to get blogging jobs that pay.Something that I get asked about a lot is media kits and how to use them to get paid blogging jobs.

“What is a media kit?” 

“Why does my blog need a media kit?” 

“How do I design a media kit?” 

“How can I work with brands and get paid to blog??!” 

Making a media kit and pitching to brands isn’t as difficult as you are thinking it is. You don’t need any fancy software or a degree in graphic design from a prestigious institution to create one, and there are literally thousands of brands out there dying to pay bloggers to blog about their products.

This post will explain how to create a media kit, why you need one, and how you can use it to pitch to brands for paid sponsorships.

What Is A Media Kit?

A media kit is at most a 2 page PDF that advertises your blog stats. Such as what your blog is about and how many social media followers you have. 

Why Does My Blog Need A Media Kit?

You need a media kit to send to companies when you propose partnerships with them for paid blog sponsorship. You need a media kit that shows why you are an influential blogger and why they should work with you.

A media kit is needed for working with brands as an influencer, but you do not need a media kit to work with brands as an affiliate, but it’s still good to have one ready. 

What Is The Difference Between An Influencer And An Affiliate?

An affiliate is a blogger who has joined the affiliate program of a brand, and blogs about a product, with links to the product’s sale page. 

For example, The Nasty Gal, ASOS affiliate program and Etsy affiliate program are all hosted on the AWIN affiliate network. So to join any of those programs, you would first join AWIN. 

Affiliate links contain an affiliate tracking code that belongs only to the blogger. If someone buys the product the blogger earns a commission from the sale.

It does not cost the buyer anything, and it is relatively easy to become an affiliate for a brand. You don’t need a bunch of traffic or followers to do so.

Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative, depending on how well you write and ‘sell’ a product.  Check out this list of high paying affiliate programs you can join today! 

Once you have a certain amount (usually a considerable amount) of traffic and followers you may be considered an influencer. An influencer is paid by a brand to post about their products which are called sponsorships, and make money simply by posting the content, no matter if the product sells or not.  

You will need to prove to a brand that you are an influencer to be considered for a paid sponsorship – a media kit will most definitely help you.

You can definitely be both an affiliate and an influencer for a brand. 

Micro-Influencer Marketing

There is a high demand for Micro-Influencers, which are bloggers who have a small targeted niche audience.

Micro-Influencers earn a living from their uniquely small online following, getting paid to blog and post on Instagram via sponsored brand partnerships while gaining a ton of free products along the way.

To learn influencer marketing, and learn how to position your blog and yourself as the authority as a Micro-Influencer in your niche, check out The Micro-Influencer’s E-book which is where you’ll gain insight into the business of blogging and influencer marketing, learn the tools you need to work with brands, create high-converting content, advertising, and successfully monetize your online presence.

How Do I Make A Media Kit

It is actually very simple to make a media kit, and you can do it online for free. Canva has a ton of free media kit templates, all you need to do is drop your info in. 

What Do I Include In My Media Kit?

  • A photo of you
  • Your blog logo
  • A screenshot of your blog’s home page
  • What your blog is about / what you write about
  • Links to your top/best posts
  • A short bio about you
  • Your social followers on all social media platforms
  • Your traffic – Check your Google analytics to see how much traffic you currently have coming in per month and list the number of page views, sessions and/or users
  • The number of subscribers you have on your mail list
  • Who your audience / demographic is – many bloggers use a free online tool called Quantcast for this
  • List your rates and advertising policies
  • List where sponsored ads will appear 

The design of your media kit should match your brand/site design. Use the same colors and fonts. 

What Are My Posts Worth? 

Once you have your media kit ready, you can determine what your posts are worth (what to charge) and then start approaching brands. You can contact a brand that you want to work with directly, simply by sending them an email, and you can also join an influencer agency.

Influencer agencies are free online social networks that connect bloggers with companies.  I like Izea & Linqia.

Both networks are for influencers to work with brands to make money from sponsored blog and Instagram posts. You will get paid by leading brands and agencies to produce and share sponsored content with your social media followers. Both networks are free to join, but they are invite only.

How much of an influencer you are depends on how many social media followers you have, and how much traffic your blog gets. The more followers and traffic you get, the more you can charge for sponsored posts. 

The typical rule for charging for posts is $10 for every 1000 followers you have. So if you have 5000 Instagram followers, you could charge a brand $50 to post a ‘gram about their product. 

Brands are looking for influencers with engaged followers, meaning followers who actively comment on your posts. 

How To Pitch To Brands

When contacting a company with a proposal, keep this in mind:

  • Keep it short and to the point
  • Mention your best stats / most followed accounts
  • Clearly explain why you are a great brand ambassador made just for them, and what they will get / how they will benefit from working with you
  • Mention why you love their products/brand and exactly how you intend to promote their products/ brand 
  • Include a link to your media kit (not an attachment)

Don’t get discouraged if you get rejected a few times or quite frankly many as many of even the very best bloggers have, continue to apply to brands until you find the right fit. And always continue to work at growing your blog numbers and social accounts status.

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