Tailwind Tribes That Every Blogger Must Join

Your goal blogging is to increase blog traffic, get more readers and make more money online. If you are a new user Pinterest is most especially your go-to secret weapon for increasing your blog traffic.

A month or so ago, I discovered the magic of Tailwind. Tailwind is a scheduling tool that was safely approved of by Pinterest.

I have been obsessed with Tailwind since I discovered it. There are a few tribes out there that every online blogger must be a part of.

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Before we get started talking about tailwind tribes, you need to understand that you absolutely need Pinterest to help grow your business. Pinterest is a visual search engine with millions of users on it. It uses a smart Feed algorithm to help rank pins and provide you with the best experience as a user. With millions of users at your fingertips, imagine just how much traffic you can get if you use it correctly.

What can you do to help Pinterest help you get the most out of it? Pinterest looks at 3 main things to help you rank. They will look at the overall visual aspect of your account, the quality of your boards as well and at the quality of your pins. Remember, do NOT spam. Not sure how to improve this to your benefit? Read this blog and come back to us: The Strategy you need to Grow your blog with Pinterest.

Now that you are all set, you want to increase your liveliness on Pinterest. Once your account is up to standard with what is needed, go ahead and sign up for TailwindNot sure if you want to spend money on it, sign up for it! Start the FREE trial to check it out first. 

Why do I love tailwind so much?

  • It has an amazing analytic tool that helps you view how you are doing
  • It has a great tool called Tailwind Tribes, which will grow your traffic 
  • It has an optimized tool that schedules your pins at the right moment when most of your followers are active
  • You can schedule your pins up to 1 week, 1 month or even months in advance
  • It will help grow your following faster
  • It will become your best friend, trust us

Try it out for free. You get 100 pins for free when you sign up below. I will show you how to make the best out of your one week free.

  1. Once you sign up, make sure you fill out your profile completely
  2. Attach your Google analytics to Tailwind so you can measure your results
  3. Optimize your Pinterest account for great results as we mentioned above (great graphics, great profile and optimize your boards)
  4. Join tribes. It’s free to join Pinterest tribes and it is usually by invitation. 

Why should you be using Pinterest tribes for bloggers? 

  • It will increase your reach by far 
  • Other bloggers are helping you promote your pins 
  • It’s Free to join 
  • The optimized time slots will help you reach your audience at the time that they are on so your efforts are not wasted
  • It’s a great way to collaborate and help other bloggers. 

See how a few shares on one of our tribes increased our blog reach: 

Pinterest Tribes reach

The graphic above is pretty much saying that a few of our pins were shared 5 times and the result was a reach of about 25.9K views. This is just from one tribe.  This is absolutely amazing to me. 

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A List of Tailwind tribes for bloggers

Please note: Tribes is currently Free for anyone to use (even if they aren’t using Tailwind already!)

  1. Blogging for business-Promote your blog– Join Right here! 
  2. Blogging resources– Join this Pinterest tribes for bloggers right here
  3. Chic Sisters – Join this Pinterest tribes for bloggers right here
  4. Profitable blogging tips– Join this Pinterest tribes for bloggers right here
  5. Blogging tips and resources – Join this Pinterest tribes for bloggers right here
  6. PB Bloggers– Join this Pinterest tribes for bloggers right here
  7. Bloggers Unite tribe – Join this Pinterest tribes for bloggers right here
  8. Small Business– Join this Pinterest tribes for bloggers right here
  9. Pinterest Friends- Join this Pinterest tribes for bloggers right here 
  10. Practical Mommy Lifestyle– Join this Pinterest tribes for bloggers right here

These are the tribes that are helping me get the blog traffic that I am currently experiencing. If you are part of other tribes or you own a Tailwind tribe for bloggers, we would love to hear all about it. Leave us a link in the comment with your Tailwind Tribe.  Tribes are the way to go in terms of growing your blog traffic. Join tailwind today! 

NOTE: When you join the Tribes, please make sure to follow the rules. They basically require you to re-share other pins which are really easy to do! The results are amazing, so play nice. 

Want one month FREE of Tailwind to help grow your business? Sign up using this link! 

We have a full tutorial available for bloggers to learn how to use Tailwind tribes and tailwind to increase blog traffic. You can read about this right here. 


Kelli M. Riebesehl | Family Lifestyle Blogger | This Post Contains Affiliate Links