Homemade Cleaners That Will Save You A Trip To The Supermarket

Homnemade Cleaners That Will Save You A Trip To The Supermarket

Spring is fast approaching but to be honest with you, my home is in serious need of a good cleaning right now. I must admit that cleaning supplies always make me a bit nervous because of their toxins. If you can’t even pronounce the ingredients then I’d say that’s a good reason to not trust in the safety of the product. Lately, I have been doing my best to employ new cleaning techniques which include homemade cleaners that are safe yet do an effective job at cleaning. What’s amazing is that most of them you can make from things you just have lying around in your home such as lemons, vinegar, cornstarch, baking soda, Hydrogen Peroxide, rubbing alcohol, essential oils, etc. And did I mention that they clean a lot better! I’ve come across some great charts that I’d like to share with you below.

Non-toxic way to clean your kitchen:

Source: purelivingspace.com

Mold and Mildew Remover: Now this one’s just 3 ingredients; water, baking soda, and tea tree oil. You may not have this oil in your household but you can easily obtain it in just about any store or right here where you can get it for an amazing price. Tea tree oil is great for so many things; it can help heal rashes, repel mosquitoes/ticks, and now you know it can help clean your house. Definitely, something to keep stocked in your household cleaning supplies amongst many other uses.

10 All-Natural DIY Home Cleaners


Cleaners for Almost Everything


Source: A Typical English Home

I don’t know about you but when I’m on Pinterest I keep getting told how great coconut oil is. It does everything. It cures cancer, acne, aging, etc. It does this and that and also cleans your home. I’m not selling this stuff I promise but I am promoting it because it does have just about every neat property known to man. When it comes to your home, coconut oil is a great way to remove dirt, polish your furniture, and do a whole lot more for your home.


Source: Today

Homemade Draino: Is your bathroom sink or shower drain clogged? This homemade draino will save you some money and a trip to the store! Alright, It’s only baking soda, boiling water, and vinegar. Now that’ll save you about $8 and still get your drains unclogged.

Clean Burnt Pans with Lemon Oil: With some lemon oil and boiling water, you can get all of that burnt matter off your pans. 

Wood Scratch Repair: Olive oil and white vinegar are where it’s at. And I’m pretty sure you guys already have those two things in your kitchen. Just grab a cloth (or rag), and rub it on and your wood will start to look great.

Source: Chasing Foxes (I’d like to thank Chasing Foxes for a great deal of the material I have here- their post about natural cleaning products led me to the other posts mentioned here. I love Chasing Foxes and the other posts I read. not only did they give me great ideas but they also were immensely enjoyable. You’ve just got to read these blogs guys!) One Green Planet, Dr. Axe Food Is Medicine, Listotic, etc. are all sources I listed from here and all I can say is they’re awesome.




Even if you’re not all about “green living”, all of these homemade non-toxic excellent for any environment homemade cleaners will save you a lot of money. A lot of the brands that sell cleaners charge a lot of money, so when you’re able to make it at home, you eliminate the risk of toxins, and you save a great deal of money too.

Now if you have any questions or have a favorite homemade cleaner yourself, let me know! I’d love to hear about it!

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