I will walk through your existing blog and provide my honest feedback as a new visitor along with actionable tips for improvement and growth.

HBB blog critique

Sometimes when we work ON and IN something so closely, it’s hard to understand how others might be perceiving it.

With the HBB Blog Critique, I provide the fresh eyes and the outside perspective that you need in order to take your blog further.

Do you…

  • feel like your messaging isn’t hitting the mark?
  • wonder why you’re not getting the email list signups you were hoping for?
  • worry because your traffic is teetering off or basically non-existent?

A simple HBB Blog Critique will help you resolve these sorts of issues and more.

What happens when you sign up for an HBB Blog Critique?

When you invest in an HBB Blog Critique, you are making a commitment to your blogging success.

You will receive your very own personalized video walk-through of your site where I help you understand the user experience as a new visitor. In the process, I will point out areas for improvement with easy and actionable tips.

You can think of the HBB Blog Critique as budget private coaching. While you don’t get the feedback of a face-to-face question and answer session, you do get access to my blogging expertise applied to your site.


Serious bloggers with a site at least 3 months old with a minimum of 10 blog posts will benefit the most from an HBB Blog Critique.

You will receive a 7-10 minute video walk-through of your site.

No follow-up emails are included with this service. It’s a DIY blog improvement service, meaning you take my critique and implement improvements on your own. If you would like to discuss my critique in further details, please purchase a private coaching call.

You should receive your HBB Blog Critique within 3 working days.

It costs $25 USD to receive a personalized blog critique.


STEP 1: Click the “CRITIQUE MY BLOG NOW” button at the bottom of this page.

STEP 2: Fill out the form and click the “SUBMIT + PAY” button.

STEP 3: Make payment via Paypal.

STEP 4: Check your email within the next 3 working days for your HBB Blog Critique.