Hi there and welcome to my cozy little corner of the Blogosphere! 🙂

I’m Kelli, the creative genius O:) behind HerBloggingBiz.com. I’m an Arizona wife and mom- wife to the sweetest man on the face of the planet (and my very best friend and partner in crime :o)) and mom to 4 of the most precious blessings in the whole world (3 girls and a boy)!

By day I can be found mommying (teaching my youngsters- we especially love science experiments and arts and crafts like whipping up a new batch of slime- always a different recipe, of course, making delicious rock candy, designing snow globes, etc.  :o) ), managing a busy household and running a successful family law law practice with my husband and by night long after I’ve tucked my family snuggly into bed, I’m a mommy blogger blogging beside my adorable German Shepherd Mix puppy, Boo Boo whom I’m crazy in love with, sharing blogging tidbits and fabulous family finds that I’ve come across in my travels.

In the early days of my youngster’s lives (they’re still young but as kids have a tendency to do, they’re growing up on me :o) ), I was a former teacher and writer turned stay at home mom focused on giving my babies my all. 

What an awesome time I was having enjoying the daily goings on in a home filled with schoolagers, tweens and teens, and adult children but in time, I found that I had bits of time here and there and at the same time was craving more of a creative outlet so voila I started creating websites and blogging. From there my creativity knew no bounds. 

In addition to teaching my own children, I created several blogs from scratch and was dedicated to learning everything about blogging I possibly could.

I was hired to design blogs for others.

This led to opportunities to try new products which not only made my busy life easier but also opened doors to new avenues of increased income through new blogging experiences. My understanding of the blogging process and monetizing blogs grew stronger and stronger.

Now I am creating this blog to share . There’s always something going on in our home life where I’m a somewhat older wiser mom (no grays yet but they’re on the horizon especially with these kiddos :o) ) married to the love of my life raising 3 young children and 1 adult child living at home by choice to be closer to her younger siblings.

My mission as an older wiser mom is to hopefully inspire mothers to have as much fun as they can with their children while they are still young. These moments fade fast. Make the best of them. I want to show moms how easy it is to actually create intentional learning opportunities for their child and to use these opportunities to bond with their kids. I want my children to look back on these years and remember that I tried to create magic for them and that I enjoyed every single moment of their childhood with all my love. 

In addition to the craziness we’re here to share great products with you and your family along with family arts and crafts, family activities, great food, travel, blogging secrets, parenting hacks, time-saving tricks, money making tips and ideas, share our journey into the world of weight loss surgery (I’ll be going through a Gastric Bypass weight loss surgery with my husband this summer and for six months beforehand there is quite a lot to do to ensure the surgery) and so much more.

Besides being with my family and playing with my kiddos, some of my favorite things to do in life are blogging (and reading great blogs), eating Smarties while blogging- they’re my naughty go to candy since chocolate melts so quickly here in Arizona, coloring in coloring books, reading, writing children’s books, collecting neat pens and pencils, learning (there are some killer blog courses out there that I’ll recommend from time to time), cooking (especially in my Crockpots and Instant Pot- I’m a fairly new Instant Pot cook trying out new recipes almost every day and having the best time- I am sharing these recipes with you so that you too can have access to these recipes to share with your family knowing what works out best and what can use some adjustment.), baking, camping, boating, playing with our menagerie of pets (we have an all puppy power German Shepherd mix puppy and kitty cat that I just absolutely adore, 2 crazy ferrets, 2 excitable and loud guinea pigs, 2 mice that are going to run themselves ragged on that wheel of theirs, 1 Bearded Dragon, and God knows what else!:o), taking road trips in our RV (traveling across North America with your family, puppy, laptop, and favorite belongings in tow is the way to go I tell you- when our ship comes in I’m going to run out and purchase a huge motor coach and hit the road:o)!), spending time with my family in Colorado (I’m originally from Colorado- Go Denver Broncos!), sharing product reviews of the products we love and strongly believe in, affiliate marketing, sharing our blogging tutorials, sharing the joys and benefits of essential oils with new friends, making new friends, and so much more…