Hi there and welcome! I’m so happy to see you here in my little corner of the Blogosphere.

The main reason that I have created this blog is to help non-techie people like you and me not only learn how to set up a blog and then learn how to blog but also learn all about the different things that make blogging run smoothly and enable you to turn your blog into a huge money-making success.

I have been blogging for a decade now as well as creating blogs on the various different platforms like Blogger, Wix, Weebly, and now WordPress. WordPress is by far my favorite and the most widely used out there. I am currently learning all about the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes which is the most popular premium WordPress theme in the world (stats from BuiltWith.com) and the most powerful theme in the Elegant Theme collection, including the visual drag & drop Divi page builder. I am having a blast working with it. When I’m not tinkering with the Divi theme I love Bluchick.com’s WordPress themes- my favorite right now being the Olivie theme. It’s so feminine yet just right for the female entrepreneur to showcase her expert blogging skills.

One of my most favorite things to do is to teach others how to set up their very own blog, how to blog, how to monetize their blogs, and just how to make money blogging. Along with an education and work experience that lent a hand towards me having a career as a blogger, I’ve been very fortunate in that I had plenty of free time to figure out all these things both on my own and through numerous online courses. My goal here is to teach you, my new friend, each one of these skills and to do so without you having to spend precious time and money learning these new skills.

I’m so excited that you’re here at my blog wanting to learn how to set up your very own blog, how to blog, how to monetize your blogs, and just how to make money blogging. This is a new blog designed especially for the purpose of helping you with all these things so let’s get started. First, let’s go see about starting your very own blog here or if you’re looking for a little bit more advanced topics let’s go here!