Is The Blogging Life For You? 6 Easy Steps To Find Out

Is the blogging life for you?

I would have to tell you that I got into blogging on impulse. I was setting up a blog for our family business, Riebesehl Family Law Offices, and I just decided on the spot to set one up for our family. This was certainly not the time I had to decide whether or not “Is the blogging life for you? 6 easy steps to find out” That would come later.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved writing about our family adventures and all the little things. But when I wrote about a DIY project I was doing for the girl’s rooms and it was shared with other people, I really loved all the feedback and at that moment I decided to blog to a much broader audience and I have never looked back.

Blogging has become a very popular choice for people to make a side income because it can be a great way to make money. But that doesn’t mean it’s right for you just because you can make money at it. Blogging isn’t for everybody but then again it might be right for you if you:

You love to write.  I mean let’s face it, blogging is writing and I mean a lot of writing. And no matter what you’re blogging about it will require writing. Granted, the writing style in blogs is a bit more of a conversation in nature and that means you can get away with certain things like starting off sentences with and and but. You’ll still need good grammar, spelling, etc. to pull it off with any success. However, if this sounds like a bummer, then blogging isn’t for you.

You have something to say.  To have a successful blog, you’ve got to have something to say. Or better yet, you’ve got to be passionate about something, anything, even a lot of things. Whatever it is there will be other people who share that passion.  Think about what you love to talk about, what you’re really good at. What do people come to you for advice?  I know, you’re probably worried about the fact that someone else is writing about the same subjects but don’t worry because only you can write about it from your perspective.

You’ve got to be motivated.  As a blogger, you won’t have a boss telling you what to do. You won’t have a schedule to keep or a time card to punch. You won’t have colleagues to join forces with. If you’re a self-motivated person doing something you love to do then you’re going to do great at being a blogger.    If not, you’re going to struggle to meet (or set) deadlines and publish posts, which is going to make it difficult to gain loyal readers.  On the plus side, you can set your own schedule, work during your most productive time, and have the flexibility to live freely making other appointments and being there for your family when they need you. 

You enjoy learning new and different things.  Blogging is more than just writing.  If you want to be a successful money making blogger, you’re going to have to spend a great deal of time learning new and different things like learning about plugins and coding, or SEO and social media. You may have to learn all about blogging and even have to learn to be a better writer with all that that encompasses. So far we’ve talked about the new and different blogging things you might have to learn but what about having an interest in the world around you or the world far away from you. Bottom line is you must be open to learning learning and more learning to make your blog an interesting and just plain exciting blog.

You are willing to dedicate time to blogging.  No matter how frequently you’re going to post, you’re going to need to set aside time for blogging. You must  schedule time to brainstorm, plan, write, edit, and create your graphics. Bottom line you’ve got to devote time to blogging. A successful blog is very much a big part of you because you share so much of your life with your blog.

You’d do it for free.  Truthfully, you will do it for free for a while. And this is true because you will probably be in the red for a while. It takes a while to build up an audience and start to turn a profit.  At first, you’ll feel like you’re talking to yourself.  Then you’ll get a few loyal readers, then a few more, and a few more.  It will take time, but people will come and eventually you will make money at it.

What’s the story behind your journey into the world of blogging? How did you know you were right for blogging? I would live to share your story with my readers.

A Little Bit About Me

I’m married to the love of my life, I have four amazing and precious children, three girls, and one boy. (He’s the baby of the family!)O:)
My husband and I work full time together practicing family law in Phoenix, Arizona and on this blog (I am just crazy about blogging- I’ve always loved living the writer’s life!)
We have two puppy dog children, Boo Boo, a German Shepherd/Lab mix, and Minnie, a Miniature Toy Poodle/Chihuahua mix (we just got her at 6 weeks so she’s our new baby of the family.)
I love elephants, snowmen, zigsaw puzzles, and the color pink and our family loves to travel and take out our boat regularly on the lake. 
We simply can’t sit still.
Along with traveling extensively, we’ve moved nine times in sixteen years so we know a thing or two about moving with a somewhat large family, organizing, and decorating.
I started taking this blogging thing seriously just this last year although I’ve been blogging, building websites, and marketing since 2002. Holy cow! That’s a long time!O:)
We have several courses that we will be releasing soon as we decided to share some of this incredible knowledge we have been fortunate enough to come across- all without the stress and hassle we went through getting here.
Where’s here- We get to travel often all because of this blog and the best thing about it is- we can work from anywhere! O:) If we didn’t enjoy representing our clients so much I’m not sure where we’d be right now!O:) Read more here…

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