Increase Your Odds Of Getting Pregnant And Fast

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Increase Your Odds Of Getting Pregnant And Fast

Women ask me all the time how we did it, having 3 babies right away like we did it. After all, we did manage to have 3 babies in 3 1/2 years and my hubby and I were in our late thirties/early forties at the time. After giving it some thought, I decided that since I have been so very blessed with the 4 children that we have, maybe something I did or didn’t do could pass that good fortune onward and help increase your odds of getting pregnant and fast. I have been pregnant 6 times- 4 live births (healthy children today) and 1 pregnancy that ended in a blighted ovum and 1 miscarriage. The first baby at 21, miscarriage at 22, blighted ovum at 35, 3 healthy bouncing babies age 36, 37, 39. I credit everything below with my successes in getting pregnant and having 4 healthy children. 

I say fast because I know that when you make that gigantic choice to have a baby, you want it to happen and happen now! There’s just so much magic in that decision. It’s such a special time. It’s like you have this special secret you’re carrying around with you that reminds you in everything you do from the way you carry yourself, get lost in your daydreaming, find yourself getting lost in the baby aisle at your local grocery store, to thinking what the coming months will bring and how you’ll tell everyone, etc.

Not only are you and your partner working hard on making this come true by increasing your intimacy but you also start preparing for this new little one to arrive as silly as this may sound. After all, it hasn’t even happened yet. But you know I’m telling the truth here!

I think this is nature’s way of helping you prepare for all the changes that you will go through and I think it’s an excellent way to prepare yourself, to open yourself up to receive that special little one that will grow inside of you. I’m a firm believer in positive thinking and I believe that when you think a certain way it just invites that positive energy to happen.

In addition to positive thinking, there are many other steps you can take to prepare for pregnancy.


This is the time that mommies need their nutrients, vitamins, and minerals especially Folic Acid. Now is also the time to give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to support a healthy pregnancy. The time to start taking Prenatal Vitamins is when you’re trying to get pregnant not when you are already pregnant.


The first step is working on finding a healthy weight for yourself and then getting there gently because you sure don’t want to send your body into the craziness that can come with either gaining weight or losing weight.

A healthy weight is one where your weight is not too high or too low.

This is not the time to go on a crash diet. Your goal is joyful pregnancy news not misery from hunger pangs. 

You want to put down the cookies, candy, and potato chips- all the empty calorie foods- and pick up fruit, nuts, cheese & crackers, etc.

Be sure to not cut down on your fat intake!

Your body needs healthy fats to stabilize your hormones.  This is NOT the time to mess with your hormones!


I can definitely say that I would never recommend drastic weight changes when trying to conceive but I also would have to concede that I know of many women that have employed a low carb diet such as the Ketogenic Diet and found that that huge drop in weight encouraged regulated cycles which were a first for some of those women which offered them great hope and for others, they had already conceived (unexpected ovulation occurred.) 


Okay, this is undoubtedly the best most fun part of baby making!

I’ve read over and over again that you can technically get pregnant at any point during your cycle but if you’re really trying to increase chances of pregnancy, you’ll want to have sex most right before and immediately after you ovulate.

A good rule of thumb is to assume you’re most fertile in the 5 days before you ovulate, the day you ovulate, and the day after. 

Just do it every day if you can! Unless this is causing you great stress because everybody knows that stress is definitely an enemy agent of getting pregnant. If this is causing you great stress then use inexpensive widely available Ovulation Tests Strips (I used this brand for 2 of our babies) and do your best to orchestrate having sex around days you are most fertile.


I have actually done this 3 times – I track my basal body temperature to determine when I’m ovulating and should be most fertile.

I used a strategic natural vitamin supplement regimen 3 times to get pregnant fast with PCOS, and basal body temping is how I knew it was working.

To start tracking your basal body temperature, download an app like Fertility Friend and pick up a basal thermometer.

Basal thermometers measure to the hundredths of a percentage point, so it easily detects a change in your normal temperature.

Keep your thermometer under your pillow or right next to your bed.

The second you wake up, take your temperature.

I don’t mean go to the bathroom and then come back and take it.  I mean the second you open your eyes, take your temperature to get the most accurate reading.

You can ignore it and go back to sleep and record your temperature in your app later, if necessary because most basal thermometers store your last recorded temperature.

You’ll notice peaks and valleys in your temperature and this is perfectly normal.

Over time though, you’ll start to notice a pattern.

When you see a spike in your temperature, it might mean you’re about to ovulate or are currently ovulating.

If you conceive, your temperature will continue to be slightly higher than normal.



When you’re trying to increase your chance of pregnancy, it is definitely a great idea to throw in some inexpensive ovulation test strips. 

I highly recommend buying these strips on Amazon.  I trust this brand because their pregnancy test came back positive (with an hcg level of just 7) when an expensive digital test came back negative.

To use an ovulation test, DO NOT use early morning urine.  Instead, aim to test at the same time each day in the early to mid-afternoon.

Try to go without fluids for about 4 hours before testing, if possible.

All ovulation tests respond with 2 lines.  You’re looking for the test line to be as dark as or darker than the control line.

It’s so important that you NOT wait to have sex until you have a positive ovulation test.

First of all, if you have some medical factors (like PCOS which I suffer from), ovulation tests are notoriously inaccurate.

Second, if you are returning a positive ovulation test, you’ve already missed a few fertile days and we don’t want to let any of those go to waste! (Again, this is where sex every day will REALLY help.)


Maybe you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while or you’re just looking to add some fireworks to the equation of getting pregnant.

Whatever your reasons, there are some natural conception products on the market and I’ve tried a few myself.  Always check with your doctor before adding any medication or supplement to your regimen, but here are a few I think are worth trying.

Fertilitea is a simple tea you mix in hot water and drink.  It has vitex in it and the reviews on Amazon are absolutely amazing.

My own doctor’s friend overcame her struggle with getting pregnant just by adding Fertilitea to her morning routine.

Note that Vitex is NOT safe during pregnancy, so as soon as you get a BFP (big fat positive referring to tests in the fertility lingo forum) you must stop using it immediately.

Maca root is another herb known to increase fertility.  You can make some great smoothies with this.


It’s SO frustrating when you’re researching how to get pregnant quickly and every piece of advice centers around a regular cycle. Some of us aren’t that lucky, myself included.

Luckily, I found a cheap way to get pregnant naturally with irregular periods.

This is the number one way I recommend to everyone, PCOS warrior or not, to get pregnant quickly.

Because of my polycystic ovarian syndrome diagnosis, a lot of traditional fertility methods don’t work for me.

Ovulation kits show positive almost all the time, there is no cycle to track, and basing my ovulation off of my last period is simply not an option.

What worked for me all 3 times, in addition to basal body temping, is Inositol

Much like a B vitamin in composition, my doctor thought inositol was a safe thing to try even though she didn’t think I’d have success with it.

A fertility doctor agreed.

Three weeks after I started using it, I got a positive pregnancy test and I hadn’t even had a period yet. 

We now have 2 more gorgeous babies added to our baby bunch and I thoroughly believe it is due to this supplement and I would shout this from the rooftops to help all of you out there having difficulties!



Stress happens to be the most commonly blamed causes of irregular cycles and missed periods. It can keep you from becoming pregnant.

While it’s impossible to completely eliminate all stress in our lives, making a conscious effort to manage the effect stress has on us is crucial.

Find a way to zen out at least part of the day.  Whether this is praying in the morning before you start your day, meditating for 5 minutes after you shower, or simply redirecting your negative thoughts to more positive ones – make stress relief part of your daily routine.

Eliminate negative people and situations from your life as much as possible and do more of what makes you feel positive and happy.

Learn to say “no” when you want to and free up more time in your schedule to do the things you want – like attack your husband when you might be ovulating and GET PREGNANT ALREADY!!!


When Your Teens Act Like Toddlers


When Your Teens Act Like Toddlers

Hello there.

I’m so happy to see you.

I haven’t really spent a lot of time if any at all writing about our family. 

That’s pretty silly considering I created this blog with the emphasis on family. This blog is a family lifestyle blog so I guess I better get to writing all about family.

I’m an Arizona wife and mommy- wife to the sweetest man on the face of the planet (and my very best friend and partner in crime :o)) and mom to 4 of the most precious blessings in the whole world (3 girls and a boy)! (Want to know more go here…)This right here spurs endless stories and lessons learned. So let’s get started. 

I guess I’ll dive right in and talk all about teens since that is what we have a whole lot of. Today we’ll discuss what to do when your teens act like toddlers.

I love living with teens believe it or not. At least most of the time that is. 

Our kids are so much fun and such loves. We really are very blessed!

That being said can I just say holy cow about yesterday at the eye doctor.

I had two teens and one tween acting like naughty toddlers.

They started out just fine. They were well-mannered and polite as usual. 

Then just as I was settling into reading my magazine on the app Texture  one of them said something smart to the other one and there you have it let the games begin. They got to giggling, kicking each other, touching the other one to provoke a response.etc. I just joined in the embarrassing hilarity by launching empty threats and feined disgruntled mom stares when really I just wanted to laugh along with them (I guess you can tell already that I’m far from a helicopter parent probably closer to a free-range parent but most definitely a laid back easy going spirit sometimes screaming inside but definitely most of the time just laid back taking it all in then directing traffic from there.)

I’ve learned that enjoying the moment is the better option because it all works out as it needs to if you don’t give in to the stress and make the situation worse. Trust me if you have three little ones all under the age of four as in three two and new you learn really quickly that taking it all in stride is your only savior. 

I think sometimes it’s best to follow your instincts when it comes to discipline and really when I had a moment of clarity I realized they were just releasing the week’s pent up anxiety and aggression that comes with being in school these days. They were happy that it was a Friday and happy to be with each other as well as stressed being in a clinical setting. So my instincts were to just reign them in by showing them something on my phone (what it was I had no clue but something in the magazine would come to my rescue and sure enough it did- a fluffy strawberry cake with tons of creamy cream cheese strawberry frosting – yummy enough to all of our hangry eyes and just add some promises that we can make a cake like that this weekend (but maybe cherry chip flavored instead because our youngest has a strawberry allergy) and voila unwanted behavior quashed- so yes, these are my teeny bopper toddlers below the cake: 

Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, tree, outdoor and nature

If you are needing me to appear for speaking engagements and parenting classes or book tours (Just kidding here!!!)O:) I don’t have all the answers but I do have experience with parenting this bunch for 31 years now or 72 years total if adding each child’s age together- YIKES!!! I’M OLD!!! As in dinosaur old!!! What are some of your experiences with teenagers behaving like toddlers? Please tell me I’m not the only one.

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My husband and I work full time together practicing family law in Phoenix, Arizona and on this blog (I am just crazy about blogging- I’ve always loved living the writer’s life!)
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