We will hone in on your biggest blogging issue(s) and crush them together in a private 1-on-1 coaching call plus follow-up emails.

HBB Private Coaching Call

I truly believe that every person has a successful blog in them.

And, with the right tips and tactics, you can easily be reaching your true audience, creating meaningful content, and garnering traffic that leads to income.

I also know that roadblocks come with the territory.

  • How do I get more free traffic from Google?
  • Why aren’t people reading my content?
  • How do I build up an email list? And how do I send those emails??
  • How will my site make money?!

That’s where HBB Private Coaching can help.

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been blogging for years, HBB Private Coaching is your opportunity to deep-dive into your biggest blogging issue(s) in a 1-on-1 setting with me.

If you’re feeling stuck with your blog, I can help.

What's included in HBB Private Coaching?

Your Investment: $75 USD  <–This price won’t last long!

When you invest in HBB Private Coaching, you are making a commitment to your blogging success. By putting skin in the game, you take both our coaching call and your blogging game more seriously.

I’m Greg and I have a blog called Outdoor Goyo, your friendly guide to enjoying activities in nature. I was struggling with how to expand my audience beyond my friends and family. Then I saw an email from Brooke about her offering consultations for a very reasonable price.

I knew that I needed help from someone else who was trying to create a similar blog. And I was so lucky to meet Brooke. She was extremely punctual, detailed in her analysis, kind in her criticism, and creative in her recommendations. Brooke went above and beyond what I had expected. I immediately was stoked from our call and had so much energy to execute from our conversations.

If you have any doubts about where to head next with your blog or how to start one Brooke is an excellent resource.
Greg C
Outdoor Goyo

I'm ready! How do I book?

STEP 1:  Click the “BOOK A COACHING CALL” button.

STEP 2:  Fill out the booking form and click the “SUBMIT” button.

STEP 3: Watch your email for confirmation from me. If we are a good fit for private coaching, I’ll send you an invoice for the coaching call.

STEP 4: Once the invoice is paid, we will schedule our call 🙂

Questions? Contact me.


Serious bloggers (or soon-to-be bloggers) who have a bigger issue or series of issues that require a deep-dive. If you’re feeling stuck and don’t know why, this is a great option for you to discover what’s holding you back from blogging success.

Your post-call Action Packet will include a list of actionable tips you can take to improve your blog.

It costs $75 USD for private coaching. This is an introductory price and will not last!