How to Start a Blog When You Feel Like You Don’t Have Anything Interesting to Say

When I was hiring for a blog assistant over at Her Packing List last year, one of my questions for interviews was, “Do you have a blog or plan to start a blog soon?”

While having a blog would definitely be helpful for a blog assistant, my main reason for asking was to make sure a potential hire wasn’t producing their own travel gear or packing-related blog (or planning to).

Because let’s face it – that can get a bit tricky and sticky and icky… and conflicting!

But many of the ladies I interviewed said something similar:

“I’d love to start a blog, but I don’t feel like I have anything interesting to say.”

I have to admit… I was shocked to hear this over and over again. In essence, this comment is basically saying, “I’m not good enough,” and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Everyone has something unique and interesting to share with the world.

One interview, in particular, stood out because the candidate and I had a pretty good rapport happening. She was super interesting to chat with – our call literally ran itself. She was curious about the world, about travel, about building a blogging business…

And yet, she held herself back from starting her own.

When I asked what she might like to blog about, she mentioned topics along the lines of women’s health or food.

When I got to know her more, I knew she was a cat mom, she crocheted a pretty damn cool blanket, she worked from home updating and managing content for a women’s health product site, and she overcame her overpowering fear of flying to take her first trip to Japan not long before.

And yet, she still held herself back from starting her own blog.

Why? Because she didn’t have anything interesting to say.

Say whattttt?

Nothing interesting?!

Well, friends, I beg to differ. I might like to read content about any of these topics – and that’s just what I picked up on during a 45-minute job interview!

Why do you feel like you have nothing interesting to blog about?

From my experience, the follow-up response to the nothing-interesting-to-blog-about thought can be split into 3 categories:

1. The idea has already been done.

And further on: So why would anyone bother with MY blog on the same topic?

Well guess what! You may not realize it, but YOUR specific spin on everything is actually unique.

Don’t believe me?

Sites like Smart Passive Income, Screw the Nine to Five, and Being Boss might all be helping entrepreneurs grow online – but they do it in very different ways.

You can talk about the same topic because the way that you do it will be different from the person before you. YOU ARE UNIQUE.

2. I’m not an expert.

A lot of people think that if they aren’t super knowledgable about a topic, then they can’t blog about it. Why would anyone be interested in a blog on a topic if the person writing it hasn’t lived a life focused on that subject?

Think again.

Blogging doesn’t have to be about what you DO, or what you’re an expert in. It can simply be about what you’re interested in – what you want to become an expert in or the person you want to strive to become over time.

People love the journey and evolution of real people just like them throughout a blog.

3. I’m simply not an interesting human being.

THAT IS SO NOT TRUE. Just because you’re not out scaling mountains (or maybe you are…) or a famous comedian (or maybe you’re that, too?) doesn’t mean that people won’t be interested in your take on life.

In fact, here’s a little secret that you should know:

People WANT to hear from and connect with people just like them.

It’s more relatable and inspiring.

How to find your interesting blog idea when you don’t feel interesting.

If you’re struggling with finding your interesting blogging idea, a little exercise can help.

Step 1: Get out a piece of paper.

Paper works best! Not only is it easy to look at when this exercise is over, but it’s also therapeutic to write things out by hand.

Step 2: Write out several lists covering these different questions.

  • What do you know a lot about?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • What do you want to learn?
  • What are some of your greatest achievements in life?
  • What are some of your greatest goals in life?
  • What do people ask you about?

After you do this, you will be able to get a sense of what your blog could talk about. To give you an example using my candidate, it could look a little something like this:

What do you know a lot about?

  • Women’s health issues
  • Working from home
  • Pet cats

What are you passionate about?

  • Women’s health
  • Food
  • Travel

What do you enjoy doing?

  • Crocheting
  • Cooking and trying new recipes
  • Visiting new restaurants

What do you want to learn?

  • How to make a living from blogging
  • How to use a sewing machine

What are some of your greatest achievements in life?

  • Overcoming a fear of flying to travel to Japan

What are some of your greatest goals in life?

  • To travel to many more places despite a fear of flying
  • Eat good food around the world
  • Be more financially secure

What do people come to you/ask you about?

  • How to set up a productive home office environment

Step 3: Evaluate the results.

Any of the topics you listed out above could become the focus of a blog. Yes, even the somewhat boring and mundane topics. Seriously!

Blogs that are successful but about mundane topics….

And don’t let the fact that you don’t know something yet hold you back. A lot of great blogs are actually started to chronicle a person’s journey to learning and mastering a topic (just like Pat Flynn when he set out to earn a living making passive income online)!

But if you’re still not convinced and need something a bit more interesting in order to start your blog, read on…

Step 4: Combine topics if needed.

You can easily combine multiple topics to create something either a bit more blog-worthy or unique – or both!

You might not think a blog about crocheting is interesting, but maybe a blog about crocheting while traveling is something worth writing home about, so to speak.

It’s probably pretty easy to see overarching themes or strong topics taking shape. In the example above, some of the common themes are food, travel, and working from home.

But there’s more if you look harder.

The fact that she enjoys crocheting and would like to learn how to sew means there’s a strong interest in being crafty. Perhaps a blog that talks about various forms of craft would be a better fit for our blogger.

The fact that she wants to learn how to make a living from blogging, has a desire to be more financially secure, and currently works from home can lead into a blog that talks more about ways to make money while working from home.

The fact that she’s food obsessed and now into travel despite a fear of flying makes me think of another interesting topic. How fun would it be to read a blog by someone whose whole goal is to eat at new restaurants around the world despite a fear of flying?

The layers that can go into that blog run deep and touch on everything from anxiety disorders, airline reviews and travel guides to recipe posts, restaurant reviews and overcoming fears.

Step 5: Get specific.

The final step that can make a blog idea truly unique and interesting is to get specific.

While the craft blog we mentioned in the previous example can work just fine – what exactly is making this more interesting and unique to you (the blogger)?

Some questions I might ask are:

  • What are you specifically trying to create with craft? Think… clothing, scarves, handbags, hair ties, wall art, etc.
  • Is there anything about you crafting that makes this special? Maybe you have ADD and struggle to finish any projects, ever.

So in response to those questions, some alternative and very unique blog ideas are:

  • A blog that talks about creating clothing/wearables through various forms of craft (knitting, crocheting, sewing, hand-stitching, leather-work, etc.)
  • A blog about a person with ADD who is mastering various forms of craft and finishing projects.

And there you have it! Some pretty darn interesting blog topics if I do say so myself.


Yet I can still hear the objections chiming in even after all this, so let’s go ahead and nip those in the bud right now:

But I’m a terrible writer.
The beauty of the Internet is that simple is always better. Also, if you’re bad with grammar, just install the free version of Grammarly. It’s seriously great!

But I’m a very unfancy writer.
Great! Simple is actually better.

But I don’t know how to start.
Well good thing you found yourself here because I can definitely help you get started. Otherwise, there are thousands of tutorials available just a Google search away that can set you down the right path. Don’t let that stop you!

So what are you waiting for? Get that blog started already 🙂

P.S. Do you need some extra guidance or clarity? Check out the HBB Services to see how I can help you further.

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