5 Awesome Family Fun Spots In Cheyenne Mountain Resort

cheyenne mountain resort

Can you say kids and travel especially road trips in the same sentence well we can and we not only survived it but thrived while doing so. We drove from Phoenix, Arizona to Colorado Springs, Colorado. I want to tell you that our family loves this place especially Cheyenne Mountain Resort. Our first child was born here and feels a real connection with Colorado Springs in general but definitely loves Cheyenne Mountain Resort. She loves it so much in fact, that we stayed the entire day and entertained ourselves within numerous places within the resort. Our little ones (not so little anymore- getting bigger every day (15, 14, and 12)- big enough to travel in pairs on their own a little ways away from mommy and daddy) They loved the ability to walk around the resort just the three of them when they weren’t with their big sister or us. We did, however, come together to entertain ourselves in five different places.

1. Breakfast With Our favorite Zoo Friends

You can enjoy a breakfast buffet with made to order omelets, pancakes, and waffles along with a few guests from the zoo. Zoo personnel will be on hand to answer any questions and let kids get up close and personal with the animals. To make it even better; kids 8 and under eat free for all meals at the Mountain View Restaurant.

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2. How About A Day At The Beach

I know this may sound funny but, it’s possible, a day at the beach. They’ve created a beach in the shadow of the mountains and believe me this is not something that you see every day. In fact, Cheyenne Mountain is the only resort that offers a beach-front mountain experience. While on the beach you can build sandcastles or start up a game of beach volleyball. A nearby playground is available to keep the kids extra happy and there are always the resident geese to chase around the shores of the lake. The kids didn’t quite engage them in a game of chase- it was the other way around and it went on for quite some time- it was hilarious and it took the kids quite some time to catch their breath!


3. Lakeside Play Equipment To Get On The Lake

A 35-acre private lake next to the mountains is a perfect reason to take the fun out on the open water. Kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes, as well as water tricycles, are available for complimentary rental and exploration along the lake.

4. Make a Huge Wet Splash

With indoor and outdoor swimming facilities, you can find a way to hit the water year round, but in the summer, the aquatic center really attracts families. Kids and parents can choose from four different outdoor pools, including an adults’ only pool, and a lap pool with a twirly slide for the kids. If that’s not enough, a kiddie pool for the littlest swimmers and a kids’ splash park area also available. The kids could have swum all day long if it weren’t for other attractions calling out for their attention.


5. Lurring The Family To Stay Up And Out Late

Things are just getting heated up at the main resort pool as the sun goes down and playtime should be over if it weren’t for the S’mores Pit. S’mores kits are available to purchase from the Will Rogers Lounge. Or, if you want to add some awesome toppings to your S’mores you can choose from toppings including bananas, Reeses, caramel, Kit Kat, nuts, Heath, jam and more. Before you call it a night, don’t forget to bring your swimming suit and a bucket of popcorn for a G-rated dive-in movie under the stars at the main pool.


Bottom line, this is one seriously fun resort geared toward crazy family fun that makes for a day of staying in place not having to leave the resort and head elsewhere for fun. I think we could spend a whole family vacation here with how nice the rooms and other amenities are.