This time of year I just can’t take the dry weather any longer so I often set out to find a more permanent solution to my dry skin than just any old usual remedy.To put it mildly, this winter weather has left my skin a mess!It’s so dry I feel like it could just crack and bleed at a moments notice.

My house is full of all things promising a speedy recovery from severe dry skin and all the accompanying irritating symptoms.

What’s more is have spent a fortune on all of those creams, lotions, salves, etc. and I feel like a fool because some of them didn’t even work! 

But I’m so excited and I can hardly wait to share with you the reason why.I found these DIY olive oil bath bombs that work wonders on the DIY Network contributed by Editor Jessica Yonker.I just can’t sing their praises enough! My skin feels amazing and smells amazing and I found all of the ingredients in my kitchen cabinets.Never again will I buy store bought bath bombs.

These are the instructions that I found with the bath bombs recipe and tried and I encourage you to do so too because my skin is soft and radiates good health from within and out- you’ll be ready for spring and summer in no time.
  • Exfoliate: The first step is to brush away dry, dead skin cells. For this blend, I used salt and oatmeal. For best results, use sea salt, which is full of minerals that match your skin’s composition and help you retain moisture. Oatmeal (don’t use instant oatmeal, which usually contains added sugars and extra ingredients) is very gentle, making it great for those with sensitive skin.
  • Cleanse: Honey and cinnamon both are natural cleansers with antibacterial properties. Honey, a humectant, also hydrates the skin by sealing in moisture. If you have sensitive skin, substitute cinnamon for a small spoonful of honey – too much cinnamon can irritate the skin.
  • Moisturize: Next, select a carrier oil. On my first trial, I used only coconut oil, but it left my skin feeling too greasy. I ended up using two parts olive oil to one part coconut oil. I took her advice an I loved the amount of moisture my skin received- it was a perfect equation!
Feel free to switch up ingredients – try a squeeze of lemon for a boost of skin-clearing vitamin C, tea tree oil to fight redness or a few drops of lavender essential oil before bedtime. Once you have the perfect blend for your skin, combine the ingredients, pour into an ice tray, seal and pop them in the freezer. I added a burst of lemon because I had a blemish or two to get rid of.Let me know all about your experience making these and how they changed your skin. Let me know of any changes you made in your own recipe for my readers.

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